We create websites and custom apps that integrate the power of a CRM system with the accessibility of your website in a simple purpose-built workflow.


  • Streamline interactions to eliminate costly time-wasting tasks and processes
  • Capture data easily and securely directly to your CRM and remove admin errors
  • Integrate your CRM and website to streamline processes
  • Tailored functionality to fit your organisation
  • Create useful, accessible apps to drive community engagement
  • Custom design to fit your brand identity

Driving community engagement is a key business and purpose goal for many organisations. It could rely on a range of activities; sharing resources in a document centre, registering and managing participants for programmes and events, building community directories that are accessible and up to date, running campaigns.

We understand the importance of getting those interactions right and doing it efficiently. That is why we develop customised apps that integrate your systems – website, customer relationship management system (CRM), marketing communications – in the best way to fit your organisation.

Powerful CRM systems, like Salesforce, are a very useful tool to help run your business but without proper integration into your workflow they can be overly complex or time consuming to use effectively. We help integrate your CRM with your website in a focused way that eliminates duplicated processes and helps link your data and interactions to all of your systems.

A bespoke process that saves you time, effort and improves how you communicate with your community in ways that benefit your organisation.


"Our operation is quite a complex one from a functional point of view and what we did is work with Wandering Bear and also with a CRM platform, Salesforce, to create an online version of activities. If you can imagine trying to handle over 600 individualised school development plans manually, I’m delighted to say that we are now able to do that through the online platform in a manner that is much more user friendly both for us and indeed all the teachers as well."

Chris Pope, Co-Director
The Prince's Teaching Institute

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