The Prince's Teaching Institute

Engaging and inspiring educators

Website & CRM Integration

The PTI is a membership organisation that brings passionate teachers together and encourages them to make rigorous curriculum choices, to teach beyond the test and to forge links with like-minded schools and academic institutions. The driving force for the website project was an ambition to broaden their teacher member engagement and increase the membership of English state secondary schools from 10%.

Wandering Bear developed a responsive website for the PTI that is closely integrated with their Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), SalesForce. The website allows school and teacher members to search, browse and book programmes and events. Once logged in using SalesForce authentication mechanism, members have access to the ‘Staff Room’, a library of teaching material created by other teachers.


"Our operation is quite a complex one from a functional point of view and what we did is work with Wandering Bear and also with a CRM platform, Salesforce, to create an online version of activities. If you can imagine trying to handle over 600 individualised school development plans manually, I’m delighted to say that we are now able to do that through the online platform in a manner that is much more user friendly both for us and indeed all the teachers as well."

Chris Pope, Co-Director
The Prince's Teaching Institute